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Overhead diving, be it wreck penetration, cavern, or cave diving, is the most strenuous and demanding form of diving and cannot be taken lightly. The overhead environment, while stunningly beautiful, is very unforgiving. Having the proper training and mindset is essential not only to plan and perform these dives, but to do so safely and minimize your exposure to risk.

If you have the desire to explore, the desire to learn as much as you can, the desire to really dive, then technical training might be right up your alley.

When you've made the decision to commit yourself to technical training, regardless of the course complexity, make certain that the instructor you choose not only has the proper knowledge and experience, but knows how to communicate it to you effectively. Vast pools of knowledge mean nothing if you can't learn from the instructor teaching you. You need someone who can teach you not only the basics, but also give you the insight as to why and how; someone who can not only show you the techniques you need, but give you the tips and tricks to make them effective.

Bob Henn

Sunshine Scuba's Bob Henn, discoverer of Cow Springs' upstream backmount cave entrance, has been diving since 1978. He became a Full Cave diver in February of 1994 under the strict training of Lamar Hires, at the time the training director of the NSS/CDS. An instructor in his own right since 2005, Bob has well over 500 logged cave dives. His expertise in overhead diving, as well as in deep and mixed gas diving is evident not only in the way he teaches, but more importantly in the quality of the divers he produces. If you're ready and committed to learn technical diving, or if you're even considering taking the slightest peek inside a cave, get trained by one of the best. But most importantly, GET TRAINED.


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