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Learn to Dive With Sunshine Scuba! Interested in taking the plunge? Already a diver but looking to increase your skills? The team at Sunshine Scuba can get you in the water with the skills you need, the confidence to use them effectively, and above all the understanding of what it takes to be safe underwater.

Above all else Sunshine Scuba is dedicated to Safe Diving. Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to teach you safe diving and fun diving. Explore the classes we offer, click on them for additional information, then, give us a call!

Heather Sutter, owner and main instructor of Sunshine Scuba, has been diving for thirty seven years. Diving is her passion, and her vast experience, care for the enviornment, and concern for others show in even the simplest conversations. She has been teaching others to dive since 1991. A Full Cave diver in her own right, Heather became a trainer for scuba instructors in 1993. Her love of the underwater world ranges from the beautiful colors on the coral reefs to the silent beauty of cave system formations in the Mexican Riviera. Diving is Heather's life adventure, and teaching others to enjoy it safely is her life's work.

Bob Henn started diving in 1978. A full cave diver since 1994, he started teaching scuba students in 2005. Bob has well over 500 cave dives and is an expert in deep diving, breathing gases other than air, equipment maintenance, and technical diving. He emphasizes safety, diver awareness, conservation, and technical competence.

The Open Water training course is the first level of training a diver completes.
Upon finishing the course, the diver is a certified SCUBA diver and can enjoy
the priviledge of diving almost anywhere in the world.

The Advanced Open Water training course is for the diver who wants to
advance in their knowledge in the art of SCUBA diving; learning techniques that
will enable them to dive longer, deeper, and further into the underwater world
opened to them by becoming a Certified SCUBA Diver.

The Enriched Air Nitrox training course is for the diver who wants to advance
their knowledge in safe diving by the use of oxygen enriched breathing gases.

The Rescue Diver is the first in a series of leadership courses for the diver who
wants to advance their knowledge and skills in safe diving and emergency techniques.

The Cavern Diver course is an introduction to diving in overhead environments
and the techniques and tools needed to perform such dives safely.

This course expands upon Rescue Diver and Nitrox training and presents the diver
with the knowledge and skills required should another diver require the administration
of pure Oxygen.

The Equipment Maintenance training course is designed for divers wanting to become
more familiar with their dive equipment. This course teaches the diver the fundamentals
of equipment repair for in-field emergencies. This is your Save-A-Dive training course.

The Ecology training course is designed to introduce the diver to the various ecosystems
they are diving in and the human impact on these ecosystems. This course stresses
preservation and understanding of Florida's unique environmental and geological areas.

The photography training course presents to the diver skills and techniques needed for taking
high quality pictures in an underwater environment. It offers the diver opportunities to hone
these skills by practicing with an experienced photographer.

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